Egorka Korolevstvo Prussii

male, color d  21 33  (red tabby point)A smart boy, big with an excellent head and profile. Blue, very expressive eyes.

in new home

Enigma Korolevstvo Prussii

female, color f  33 ( seal torty point).The most calm and affectionate girl in the litter. He likes to sit on the pens and purr. Excellent pedigree type, right head and stunning eyes.


Estrella Korolevstvo Prussii

female, color f 33 (seal torty point).Wonderful painted beauty. At 4 months she took part in the WCF ring of kittens and took 1st place. It was appreciated by experts, a wonderful show of temperament and condition.


Eremey Korolevstvo Prussii

male, color d(s?)21 33 ( red (silver?) tabby point).Very powerful boy, the largest in the litter, with an unflappable gaze.

Odessa, Ukraine

RUSSIA, Kaliningrad.

+7 (911) 853 79 57 (WhatsApp, Viber)

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