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May 18 - 19, 2019

Our cattery presented at the exhibition a new cat Wanda Celurean Mystery in the class of kittens.
2 days - excellent marks and nom Bis


June 05, 2019 Our cattery in the face of Julia Tumanova and the cat Wanda Cerulean Mystery in the TV show Morning of Russia as experts in caring for cats in the summer hot season. Tips and tricks.

March 01, 2018
On the international day of cats we were invited to visit the live broadcast of the program "Good morning!" VGTRK TV channel



                I'm glad to see you on the site cattery Neva Masquerade cats.

The cattery has been registered in the WCF system since 2015 and is the first cattery with the Neva Masquerade cats that appeared in Kaliningrad. It was with us that popularization and interest in this remarkable breed in the Kaliningrad region began. Our first graduates immediately conquered neighboring countries: Lithuania, Poland, Germany.
We offer thoroughbred kittens with excellent pedigree only from titled parents. Our animals are multiple winners of exhibitions both in Kaliningrad and in Europe.

All kittens move to new houses chipped, fully vaccinated and adapted to adult, independent life, tested for viruses and genetic diseases. They perfectly know the tray and the scratching pad. The contract with the future owner is obligatory. Consultations on the content are guaranteed.

Neva Masquerade cat is a breed of long-haired cats that have a color-point color and bright blue eyes. Neva Masquerade cat is a cat of Siberian breed with color-point coloring. This breed is the pride of Russian breeders, but in other countries there are many nurseries where Neva Masquerade cats are grown.

The Neva Masquerade cat received its name because of its mask on the face, which makes it similar to the beauty that gathered at the masquerade.

The breed is quite large, the weight of an adult cat is about 5-6 kg. The weight of an adult cat is much larger, about 8-9 kilograms.

The colors of Neva Masquerade cats can be quite different. The most common color among cats of this breed is force-point, i.e. light body and dark brown, sometimes almost black, points (paws, tail, ears, muzzle). Sometimes Neva Masquerade color-point color cats become unique, due to blackout in color. Very many people like this obscuration, and sometimes in nurseries only ask such "darkened" cats.
Another attractive color - when Neva Masquerade cats have white paws. Such colors carry a prefix "with white", for example: "force-point with white".
The eyes of the Neva Masquerade cat can have different colors: from light blue to sapphire blue.
Some cats of this breed have a rather gentle and kind sight and very pretty face. At the same time, this does not meet the requirements of the breed, but many owners and lovers of Neva Masquerade like it.
The fur of the Neva Masquerade cat is worthy of attention. Like the Siberian cat, the wool of the Neva Masquerade does not cause allergic reactions to the dog even in especially sensitive allergies. Therefore, if there is a person in your family who is allergic to wool, and you really want to start a pet, we recommend that you pay attention to the Neva Masquerade cats. But this is not all similarities with the fur of the Siberian cat. The fur of the masquerade cat is water repellent, smooth and does not require any special care. never rolls and forms coils. Another feature of the wool from this breed, got from Siberians, in the presence of a woolen collar and panties on hind legs.
Neva Masquerade cats are very beautiful, and will always cause admiration for your guests. The animal knows about its beauty, and will strive to show itself at its best, appearing at the most suitable moment, beautifully swelling and strolling alongside the guests.
Cats of this breed in the spring begins molting. The animal "undresses" by the summer, throws off an unnecessary undercoat. By winter the undercoat grows again, and the cat again becomes shaggy and fluffy.

The nature of the Neva Masquerade Cat
Neva Masquerade cat is suitable for those who want to have an animal in the house, tender as a cat and faithful as a dog, who needs a good friend and companion. Cats of this breed are very strongly attached to the owners, like dogs are distinguished by great devotion. The house and furnishings for the Neva Siberian cat are in the background, the main thing for them is to get love from their owners. At the same time, the Neva Masquerade cat does not suffer from obsession and verbosity, and will not constantly climb for caresses on his knees and plaintively meow. This animal feels your mood and will come to you only when you are in a good mood and when you are ready to caress and play it. Loneliness for these animals is not a catastrophe. It is enough for you, coming from work, to play a little and caress your Neva masquerade pet - and this will be enough for him.
Neva Masquerade cats are playful and active, but in moderation. Their temperament does not allow excesses. They bring a feeling of coziness and peace to any home, while simultaneously arranging physical workouts.
All these cats have completely no fear. They will never write to you in shoes or do not need a carpet if you punished them. If the Neva Masquerade cat is offended by you, she will simply turn her back on you and tell you hintingly that you are unfair to her. For care and affection these cats always respond with the same coin.
Another remarkable feature of the Neva Masquerade cat: she knows and remembers her name! Lure her to her simple "kis-kis" you hardly get. But hearing his name, the cat will necessarily respond. This breed, unlike many others, understands not only your intonations, but also your words.
Neva Masquerade cats get on well with children, try to protect them and take care of them. They will never release their claws, as if the child did not squeeze them. The representative of this breed of cats will quickly turn around, get out and run away to a place where the child does not get it. If the baby will cry, the cat will definitely be there and try to comfort him, and sometimes will run to call the adults.